Dozens Dead As Volcanic Eruption Continues

Dozens Dead As Volcanic Eruption Continues

( – Living near a volcano is always a risk because the giants can erupt at any time. That’s exactly what happened recently in Indonesia.

On December 5, Mount Semeru erupted on the island of Java spewing volcanic ash down on the village below. Rescue workers were digging through hot ash and debris to find survivors. Sadly, at least 34 people died in the eruption, another 17 are still missing. Three of the victims, a man, woman, and child, were found in cold lava Monday morning.

In addition to the hot ash, survivors were dealing with dangerous volcanic gas. Wayan Suyatna, the operational chief of a search and rescue agency, told CNN that the weather in the area is making it difficult to find survivors. Also, the team’s safety is at risk from the volcanic cloud.

Nearly 3,000 homes and at least 38 schools suffered damage from the eruption causing thousands of people to flee from their homes. Residents who evacuated included hundreds of villagers near a dam that burst due to heavy rain and cold lava. A bridge that connected the Malang and Lumajang districts was also destroyed, blocking access from the main road and hampering rescue efforts.

In the village of Sumberwuluh, residents have been working to evacuate their livestock. The Indonesian government is working to find shelter for those who lost their homes.

Authorities expect the death toll from the eruption to rise in the coming days.

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