Dozens of Runners Rescued After Blizzard Strikes Mid-Race

Dozens of Runners Rescued After Blizzard Strikes Mid Race

( – Every year, dozens of runners descend on East Mountain Wilderness Park in Utah to participate in the DC Peak 50 race. The runners make their way up a mountain to an average elevation of 6,604 feet. Unfortunately, the most recent event didn’t go as planned.

On Saturday, October 9, rescue workers had to help more than 80 runners stranded on the mountain after a blizzard rolled through. The Davis County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying they were notified stranded runners were stuck in white-out conditions. Between 12-18 inches of snow fell on the park, causing some people to wait over six hours for rescue crews to help them.

The sheriff’s office said search and rescue teams used snowmobiles and 4x4s to help the athletes get to safety. They warned that trails, mountains, and bodies of water are dangerous at this time of year because conditions can change quickly.

Some runners were treated for hypothermia at a local hospital and later released. One person was hurt in a minor fall, but no one had severe injuries.

Law enforcement was able to account for all of the runners by the end of the event.

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