Drunk Driving Car Crash Leaves Toddler Decapitated In Tragic Collision

The North Las Vegas Police Department confirms that an intoxicated “family member” was driving the car that killed two young children and decapitated one of them.

A silver Honda minivan left its travel lane, sideswiped trees, a light pole, and a wall before crashing head-on into a palm tree on Scott Robinson Blvd. Police said speed and impairment are suspected factors in the crash.

Residents along Scott Robinson Boulevard in North Las Vegas want action to prevent more accidents.

Kristian Rogers, 14, said he heard an “explosion” sound from the back and saw a horrible scene when he climbed the wall to help. The driver, suspected of speeding and being under the influence, stepped on a baby’s leg as they exited the crashed vehicle. Because of this, the witness said it seemed like the driver didn’t even care about the baby’s wellbeing.

Neighbor Davis Mallory said the palm tree that the driver crashed into prevented the car from driving through his backyard wall and into his home. He said the van must have been going 50 to 60 mph before the collision. 

Police confirmed that both of the toddlers onboard were in adult seatbelts, not the proper car seats suited for their age groups. One was pronounced deceased on the scene while the other died at the hospital. Two adults are also currently in the hospital in serious condition.

Neighbors said they are traumatized by what they saw Sunday night. A news release urged drivers to protect children by making sure each child was secure in the correct car seat for their age, height and weight.

An EMT who lives a couple of blocks from the crash site said he’s seen cars speeding as fast as 80 miles an hour down the boulevard. The City of North Las Vegas acknowledged the concerns of the community and claims that it will look into the potential dangers on Scott Robinson Blvd, but couldn’t say for certain when or where the funds would be directed.