Duck Dynasty Stars Are Returning to Television

Duck Dynasty Stars Are Returning to Television

( – For 11 seasons, millions of Americans tuned into A&E to watch “Duck Dynasty,” a show about a Louisiana family who runs a business making products for duck hunters. The Robertson family became one of the most beloved families on television and extremely popular in conservative circles. Now, the family is going to be back on TV after a five-year break.

Jep and Jase Robertson, the sons of Phil, are going to star in a spin-off named “Duck Family Treasure.” The program will air on Fox Nation and include other members of the family as well. Yes, that means viewers might get to see Uncle Si sippin’ on sweet tea and making jokes Southerners can relate to right away.

The new television show will show the Robertson family looking for rare artifacts, gems, and other treasures. Viewers will also get to see their dad, Phil. He was one of the main characters on the old show until cancel culture got a hold of him and he was suspended for a period of time. People were angry about a GQ interview where he discussed homosexuality in the context of his religious beliefs. Now that the show is going to air on Fox, it’s unlikely to fall prey to censors — which is certainly welcome news.

Will you be tuning in to the new show?

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