Durham Probe Update: Judge Rules Against Clinton Lawyer

Durham Probe Update: Judge Rules Against Clinton Lawyer

(AbsoluteNews.com) – In February, Special Counsel John Durham accused former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann of providing ill-gotten information to US government agencies. The information came from a tech executive that tried to tie former President Donald Trump to Russia’s Alfa Bank. The prosecutor said the defendant and tech firm exploited internet traffic from Trump Tower, the Executive Office of the POTUS, and another apartment building to try to create a narrative about Trump. Sussmann objected to the filing and tried to have Durham censored, but a federal judge wasn’t having it.

On Thursday, March 10, DC District Court Judge Christopher Cooper refused to strike the factual background information from Durham’s filing. He said, “I’m not going to strike anything from the record,” arguing it won’t poison the jury pool because the information has already been in the public square. Cooper said whatever impact “the filing has had has already passed.”

Durham argued the information was 100% correct and said he has the receipts to prove it … literally. He alleges Sussmann’s billing records show he repeatedly charged Hillary Clinton’s campaign for work related to the allegations against Alfa Bank.

The disagreement will likely have no impact on the rest of the case, but it seems to show Sussmann is concerned enough about the investigation that he’s willing to fight over the most mundane issue.

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