Early-morning crime spree leaves 7 victims robbed

Police in San Antonio, Texas, are currently investigating a series of early morning robberies that left at least seven people as victims of theft. Authorities suspect that these crimes are the work of two individuals, with officers at the scene believing that the robberies are connected. The spree began on Tuesday morning, with victims reporting incidents along Vance Jackson Road, Buena Vista Street, and S. Josephine Tobin. As police in the West patrol area investigated these crimes, officers in the South segment of the city received calls about a separate cluster of robberies.

In the South segment of San Antonio, a Mexican restaurant in the 1500 block of Somerset Road was targeted, followed by two individuals who were robbed at a construction site near Cascade Parkway and Yarrow Boulevard. These incidents occurred after 7 a.m. At the construction site, two workers reported being robbed by two gunmen who demanded their wallets before fleeing the scene. Shortly after, the same criminals appeared to strike again on the West Side, robbing a man at gunpoint while he was pumping gas outside a 7/11 store on W. Hildebrand. Another victim, a 39-year-old man, was also robbed at gunpoint on Nogalitos Street. The suspects pointed a firearm at the victim’s chest, demanding his cell phone and wallet. They even attempted to steal his vehicle but were unsuccessful in starting it.

According to the victims’ accounts, the robbers in all the cases were described as two men who were seen driving a white Hyundai car. In response to the robberies, the police conducted thorough searches in each area and even utilized a helicopter in some instances. However, the suspects were not located.

ISan Antonio police are actively investigating these incidents and are working to gather any available evidence. The authorities are asking for anyone with information related to these robberies to come forward and assist in the investigation. The police are determined to apprehend the suspects and bring them to justice.