Elderly Woman Robbed By Distraction Thieves That Appeared To Be Friendly

Elderly California woman robbed by seemingly friendly ‘distraction thieves’: video – Fox News

The Glendale Police Department is warning residents about “distraction thefts” targeting senior citizens. The thieves often work in teams, with a male driver and a female passenger who commit the theft.

A woman was robbed of her necklace while sitting outside her apartment building. Surveillance footage shows a woman hugging the 84-year-old woman and trying to sell her a necklace.

Haik Ld says his elderly mother was robbed by three women who put a fake necklace around her neck and took her real one. The three suspects then drove away in a gray SUV.

The elderly woman’s necklace was stolen by seemingly friendly thieves who drove away in a car that was caught on camera circling the street several times.

According to Glendale police, distracted jewelry theft is happening all over Southern California, and the crooks are targeting elderly people wearing visible jewelry. Police said it’s best to keep your guard up if someone you don’t know approaches you.

Police believe there are multiple crews on the move that specialize in “distraction theft” and are not just in southern California. They are sending out warnings to residents in the Kansas City area, and the problem will likely move elsewhere.

Police recommend walking in groups, keeping jewelry hidden under your clothing, and reporting suspicious activity to authorities.

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