Ellen DeGeneres Dropped By Her Network After 4 Seasons

Ellen DeGeneres Dropped By Her Network After 4 Seasons

(AbsoluteNews.com) – The Ellen Show will end in 2022 after 19 seasons on air following a slew of toxic work environment allegations. Although the comedian alleges the end was her decision, the timing seems suspicious. And now, NBC dropped Ellen DeGeneres’ game show, Game of Games, after just four short years. The first two years of ratings reflected the game show’s success, but Season 3 ratings fell almost 30%, followed by a 50% drop during Season 4.

The drop mirrors the plummeting ratings for her talk show, which reportedly lost over a million viewers following the rumors about how Ellen treats her staff. An investigation into the allegations led to many people losing their jobs on the show. Producer Hedda Muskat appeared on an Australian program, stating she wasn’t surprised by the talk show’s cancellation. In fact, she said, “the viewers fired her,” referring to Ellen.

However, Ellen claims the reason she ended her talk show was that she didn’t find the show challenging anymore, admitting it’s something she needs as a creator. She did relay the years ago scandal about her ruined her career. The host has yet to comment on the most recent cancellation.

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