Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up About Getting “Kicked Out of Show Business” During Comedy Tour – Find Out Why!

Santa Rosa, California – Ellen DeGeneres, the former host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, opened up about her decision to step away from Hollywood during a recent stand-up comedy set in Santa Rosa, California.

During the show, a fan inquired about her future plans in entertainment, specifically asking if she had any intention of pursuing opportunities on Broadway or the big screen. DeGeneres promptly shut down any speculation by stating that her upcoming Netflix special would mark her final appearance in show business.

Despite distancing herself from the spotlight, DeGeneres expressed gratitude for the time she currently spends on stage, connecting with her audience and sharing personal updates. She humorously mentioned acquiring chickens and jokingly claimed to have been “kicked out of show business for being mean.”

In jest, DeGeneres predicted that she might next face expulsion from the industry for plain old age, adding an amusing twist by referring to it as the “triple crown” alongside being old and gay.

The comedian’s candid revelations about her departure from Hollywood shed light on her decision to prioritize personal ventures and step away from the constant scrutiny of show business. DeGeneres’ stand-up performances offer her a platform to engage with fans directly and share her unique perspective on life beyond the talk show that made her a household name.

Despite her self-deprecating humor about being “kicked out” of Hollywood, DeGeneres’ decision to leave the entertainment industry represents a significant shift in her career trajectory. By embracing this new chapter in her life, she can explore different creative avenues and continue to captivate audiences with her wit and charm in a more intimate setting.