Elon Musk Denies Claim Against Him

Elon Musk denies sexual harassment claims – CNN

Elon Musk denied allegations in a series of late-night tweets that a SpaceX flight attendant saw him exposed and was being sexually harassed in 2016.

The editor-in-chief of Insider, the parent publication of Business Insider, responded to Musk’s denial of sexual harassment allegations by saying that the story is based on documents and interviews and speaks for itself.

Musk denied talking to Business Insider, saying the article was written before they spoke to him. He also claimed that “the article was linked to his decision to vote Republican and acquire Twitter.” Both are getting severe backlash from politicians in D.C. and pundits in the media.

Musk also made comments to the same effect in a virtual interview posted to YouTube on May 16.

Citing documents and interviews, Business Insider reported that “the attendant worked as a cabin crew member on a contract basis for SpaceX‘s corporate jet fleet. She accused Musk of exposing his erect penis to her, rubbing her leg without consent, and offering to buy her a horse in exchange for an erotic massage.”

More recently, in what seems to be a coordinated effort by the administration to defer the negative attention they are getting from rampant inflation, the Biden Administration sparred with Jeff Bezos, the billionaire owner of Amazon and The Washington Post. Claiming among other things, that he has benefited greatly by not paying taxes.

In December, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) – MA went after Elon Musk took to Twitter to say, “Let’s change the tax code so that ‘The Person of The Year’ has to pay his fair share of taxes.” A snub at Elon Musk for not paying income tax. It is worth mentioning that Elon Musk has had to pay billions in capital gains taxes.

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