Employee killed in warehouse shooting

TAMARAC, FL – A fatal shooting has happened at a local warehouse, resulting in one man being apprehended and another killed. The incident occurred at Sonny’s Car Wash Factory, located near Nob Hill Road. The suspect, Damion Dawkins, aged 37, has been charged with premeditated murder for the shooting, which unfolded on Tuesday, according to details in the official affidavit from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

The series of events began with an unidentified male victim getting into a confrontation with a female co-worker earlier that day. The victim was aggrieved by the female co-worker’s alleged allegations about him that she had shared with their colleagues, accusing him of harassment. Consequently, the woman filed a formal complaint with the HR department against the victim and left work for the remainder of the day.

Later that day, a physical altercation between Dawkins and the victim took a deadly turn. Unarmed, the victim was chased by Dawkins, who fired shots at him throughout, as per the affidavit. Upon catching up with the victim, Dawkins allegedly fired a shot from behind, striking the victim in the neck.

Responding deputies discovered the victim lying motionless in a pool of blood. The victim was later pronounced dead at the scene. Dawkins was apprehended without resistance at the warehouse.

The news of the fatal shooting incident sent shockwaves through the establishment, leading the company spokesperson to express their sadness over the loss of an employee. As their employees mourn the loss, the company is actively cooperating with the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

It remains uncertain if Dawkins was also an employee at the company.