Even Liberal Media Says Harris Is Failing as VP

(AbsoluteNews.com) – The LA Times is well-known for its rosy coverage of Vice President Kamala Harris. The newspaper uses terms like “#KHive” to describe her supporters (a play off the term “Beyhive” used to describe singer Beyonce’s fans) and generally has nice things to say about her. The newspaper even launched a special project called “Covering Kamala Harris” which was full of fawning articles about her.

Whether that’s because she’s the first female vice president or from the same state as the publication is unknown, but it’s clear they have a bias for her. So, when the LA Times published a negative piece on Harris recently, it took a lot of people by surprise.

An Ineffective Vice President

On June 23, the Times published an article entitled, “Essential Politics: Failure of elections bill shows limits of Kamala Harris’ influence.” Journalist Noah Bierman slammed the vice president for her inability to get the votes necessary to pass the “For The People Act.”

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden said Harris was going to lead the charge to expand voting rights in America, saying he’d “fight like heck with every tool at my disposal” to get it done. Three weeks later, Bierman said the only takeaway from the process was “how little we saw of her.” He pointed out that she didn’t seem to do anything to actually pass the bill.

A Trend?

Many Americans have had the same beef with Harris over the last few months. In March, Biden put her in charge of the border crisis. Republicans expected her to get out there and take bold action to stop hundreds of thousands of illegals from pouring into the country. That’s not what happened.

The American public has seen very little of her when it comes to the immigration crisis. Sure she has made ONE international trip to two countries to address the crisis, but she didn’t actually go down to the border until June 25, three months after taking over responsibility for the crisis. She had plenty of opportunities to go sooner but didn’t seem to care.

The vice president’s seeming lack of concern about actually performing her job duties effectively is concerning. She is the second most powerful person in the country. The first woman to ever hold the office, and yet she doesn’t seem to understand the importance of her position — even the Liberal media is starting to see that.

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