Ex-Con Brutally Attacks New York Police Officer

Ex-Con Brutally Attacks New York Police Officer

(AbsoluteNews.com) – New York City has seen a startling rise in violent crime over the last year. For example, in May, felony assault was up more than 20% and shootings increased 73% from the previous year. A recent attack on a police officer in the city highlighted just how badly the Big Apple needs to get the problem under control.

On Sunday, July 18, a police officer was standing outside of his patrol car when a man walked up to him and attacked him. The suspect, later identified as ex-con Tyshaun Holloway, smashed a glass bottle on the officer’s head.

After the attack, the suspect ran away. Officers found him about a block away, hiding under a car, and he started flailing about to avoid arrest. He reportedly screamed, “Get off me, you f–king bitch, I’m going to kill you all as soon as I can,” when police arrested him.

According to reports, this isn’t the first time the man has assaulted a police officer. In 2016, he went to jail after attacking two officers in the Bronx. Now he’s in jail once again. Brooklyn Judge Kim Peterson ordered that he be held on $30,000 cash or bond pending another court appearance on Friday. The attack left the NYPD officer with wounds that needed surgical staples to close, but he’s expected to recover.

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