Ex-Fox News Contributors Take Disgraceful New Jobs

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Last year, two longtime Fox News contributors resigned from the conservative network. Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg claimed they were leaving the network because of a January 6 series created by host Tucker Carlson. Months after deserting Fox, the two have found jobs at Liberal networks.

Hayes has taken a position with NBC News. He’ll serve as a political analyst and a contributor. Goldberg’s move was considered far more treacherous as he’s received some criticism. Variety recently announced he has joined CNN beginning this month, where he used to work as a contributor. The former Fox contributor was a longtime editor for the National Review, founder of The Dispatch and wrote several books including “Liberal Fascism.” The Leftist network has not confirmed what role he’ll play.

Critics have slammed Goldberg, pointing out the irony that he claims he left Fox for moral reasons but is going to a network awash in sex scandals. He’s not the only Fox voice who has gone to CNN recently.

Chris Wallace, who worked at the conservative network for 19 years, but quit and took a job with CNN. Recent reports indicate he now regrets his decision. Do you think Goldberg will experience similar regrets?

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