Ex-Student Shoots Professor To Death On Campus Of University


Police: Ex-student fatally shoots professor in University of Arizona building – Arizona Daily Star

The University of Arizona Police Department received multiple reports of a shooting inside the Harshbarger building. What they found upon arrival was gut-wrenching.

A man shot and killed a University of Arizona professor at the main Tucson campus Wednesday afternoon. He was arrested by Arizona Department of Public Safety officers after a traffic stop near Gila Bend.

Murad Dervish, 46, was arrested in connection with the shooting death of a University of Arizona professor.

University of Arizona President Robert Robbins identified the slain professor as Dr. Thomas Meixner, and encouraged students and colleagues to have compassion for one another during this difficult time.

The University of Arizona professor was killed on campus allegedly at the hands of a former student on Oct. 5, 2022. The relationship, if any, between the professor and the shooter was not disclosed.

The UA Police Department Chief said the professor’s death was a tragic event and in-person classes would resume Thursday.

Dervish was a former graduate student at U of A. After the shooting, he fled the area in a gold-colored van. However, police were able to bring him into custody for the murder of the deceased professor.

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