Facebook Begrudgingly Admits ‘Fact-Checks’ Are Just Opinions

Facebook Begrudgingly Admits 'Fact-Checks' Are Just Opinions

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Facebook uses third-party fact-checkers to police its platform. However, Conservatives often argue the fact-checkers are just giving their own opinion on topics. Now, the social media company has admitted as much in court.

Journalist John Stossel recently sued Meta because its Facebook fact-checker group Science Feedback accused him of sharing misinformation. It happened after he posted videos discussing climate change, specifically forest management and technology. The platform labeled the videos as “false” and “lacking context.” Stossel has spoken out against the fact-checkers on the platform.

Meta responded to the defamation lawsuit filed by Stossel at the end of November and said its fact-checkers didn’t do anything wrong because the labels themselves constitute protected opinion and are neither false nor defamatory. To the contrary, they’re a “protected opinion” the company calls “fact.” Opinions are not facts, they’re inherently biased.

The fact-checkers on the social media platform are supposed to be rooting out misinformation but how can they possibly be doing it when the company is now selling their views as opinions? It doesn’t make any sense. It looks like the platform, in an attempt to save itself, destroyed its own smokescreen.

What do you think about the fact-checkers? Should Facebook be forced to stop using them?

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