Families Run For Safety From Massive Pumpkin Patch Fire That Burned 70+ Vehicles

Families run to safety as huge fire burns 73 vehicles at pumpkin patch, TX videos show – Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fall is all about family celebrations, and pumpkin farm visits are no exception. However, at a Texan pumpkin patch, these festivities turned dangerous.

A massive fire broke out at a pumpkin patch in Texas, filling the air with thick black smoke as flames engulfed over 70 vehicles. Families ran to safety, many with young children and infants.

The fire started around 1 p.m. at Robinson Family Farm, near Temple, and burned at burned up a large number of vehicles. Nobody was injured, but some were unable to get out of their vehicles before flames reached them.

Authorities believe a cigarette may have started the blaze. Anyone with information is asked to contact the fire marshal’s office.

The Robinson Family Farm closed for the weekend but promised to open again the following week. The owners of the business want to thank everyone who helped them handle the fire in their parking lot. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Witnesses Tonya Garcia and her daughter Ava noticed smoke coming from the parking lot and asked some people what was going on. Jimi Hernandez also noticed the smoke and took off running, even though his family’s car was a total loss.

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