Father Dies In Freak Accident While Helping His Daughter With Food Drive Donations


Aaron LaMore, 45, was driving his daughter Mia, 12, around a subdivision to help her collect canned food drive donations for her Girl Scout troop.

During their collection, the father lost his footing and fell out of the vehicle. He struck his head on the back of his car, which caused increasingly problematic health issues.

When LaMore fell, he suffered severe injuries. He was found to have multiple skull fractures, brain swelling, as well as bleeding in his brain. However, he was able to pick himself up and walk into the ambulance once first responders arrived.

LaMore’s condition “rapidly” declined at the hospital, and he went into cardiac arrest while awaiting transport to another hospital. Afterwards, he was airlifted to the University of Chicago Hospital.

LaMore’s injuries were grave and irreversible. His family decided to make him an organ donor and took him off life support. Knowing that his death could help other people live a fuller, longer life gives them some peace in their time of grief.

LaMore donated his kidneys, liver, and tissue to the University of Chicago and his heart to a 40 to 50-year-old male. Though the circumstances were tragic, his donations were able to save multiple lives that day.

His brother-in-law Ryan Talaga remembered LaMore with foundness. He had taken to affectionately calling Aaron “Double A”, who was described as very loud, and energetic.

His wife, Erin, initially thought her husband was being silly and had feigned the fall. She later realized he was seriously injured.

LaMore, originally from Manteno, was married to Erin for 16 years, and worked as a tollway supervisor.

Family members created a GoFundMe page to help cover expenses and medical bills for Mia’s future education. The page has raised over $28,000 as of Friday afternoon

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