Father Freezes To Death In Winter Storm Just 1 Day Before Christmas Eve

As a result of the historic winter storm that has frozen much of the US, a 56-year-old father died on a Buffalo street after apparently freezing to death.

Loved ones say William ‘Romello’ Clay has been missing since midnight on Dec 23 after leaving his home in treacherous winter conditions to go to a store.

During the afternoon of Christmas Eve, a video emerged showing a dead man lying face down in the snow at Bailey and Kensington Avenue. It was later determined that these remains were Clay’s, and his family asked people to refrain from sharing the macabre footage.

Clay may not have been on his medication when he left home, according to a post appealing for help prior to the announcement of his death. However, no additional details have been revealed about his underlying health problems.

Buffalo is still being pummeled by snow, according to a video shared Saturday night. Despite wind whipping off Lake Erie, more than a foot of snow has fallen, though some single-story homes have seen drifts as high as their rooflines.

Three people have died in Buffalo, including Clay. The two unidentified victims, who both suffered medical emergencies, are believed to have died due to first responders’ inability to reach them.

As a result of the historic storm across the US, 23 people have died, although that number is likely to rise further. Many people have been trapped in their homes without heat or power for days on end.

Facebook users paid tribute to the community after the devastating loss. Cadean Clay, William Clay’s son, posted that he was floored by the pain of the loss.