Father Kills Himself At Disneyland After Receiving Disturbing Allegations

A father and California elementary school principal jumped to his death from a Disneyland parking lot.

Chris Christensen, 51, received child endangerment charges as a result of a domestic incident. Chris and his wife, Marlena, were in a heated argument in front of their two young daughters. During the altercation, Marlena called the police.

Christensen was due in court on child endangerment charges. However, he ended his life claiming that he feared he was about to lose his job.

Chris’ wife Marlena is yet to comment on her husband’s untimely death or his accusatory Facebook post that served as his suicide note.

Christensen wrote on Facebook that he would use his wife’s ‘anger’ in calling the authorities to show his friends how rage can ‘really have extremely damaging effects on a person’s life’. He said he had never hurt his wife or their daughters during the argument.

Christensen, according to his post, spent the day reaching out to those closest to him and asked them to be kind to one another. However, information has not yet been released regarding the truth behind his Facebook post accusations.

Christensen, who had three adult children from a previous relationship as well as three stepchildren, wrote the note right before his death at Disneyland.

Chris Christensen took his life by jumping from a multi-story parking garage during Disney’s annual Candlelight Ceremony.

The man’s family has a history with Disney as well. Recent investigations reveal that Chris Christensen was the son of a legendary Disney music director, Jim Christensen. Jim was a music director for Disneyland and Walt Disney World since the 1960s.

Christensen worked at the Fountain Valley School District for over 20 years and was a respected leader. Grief counselors are being made available to students and staff.