Father Leaves Strange 911 Call Before His Family Of 4 Vanishes

Michigan family of 4 vanishes after bizarre 911 call from father – WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Police are looking for a missing family of four who were last contacted on Sunday. They left behind pets and a relative with dementia that needs care, and were believed to be in a silver-colored 2005 Toyota Sienna mini-van with Michigan registration.

Anthony and Suzette Cirigliano and their two sons vanished Sunday from their Michigan home, and police are “very concerned.” Their credit cards and bank accounts have been frozen, and their phones have been searched.

Police discovered that the Cirigliano family was not home and had left abruptly without making arrangements for the care of Suzette’s mother, who suffers fro dimentia. Anthony had called 911 in distress the night before.

Anthony Cirigliano called 911 just after midnight Sunday and told the operator he needed police protection because of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. He said he was a Christian and wanted to speak with someone who knew the Fremont Police Department. The 911 operator asked him if he had any weapons, and he said he had none. She sent police to his address.

Rodwell said the officers spent about 45 minutes to an hour talking to Cirigliano and his wife to make sure they were safe.

Police said that family members revealed that Tony was exhibiting “paranoid” behaviors. However, they didn’t see any signs of violence or foul play. Relatives think Anthony Cirigliano was trying to protect his family after saying “bad things” were going to happen.

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