Father Shot To Death During Argument About Holding Elevator Door Open

Ariel Harris, 29, was shot and killed in Greektown. The 29-year-old man’s life was taken at a party in Detroit early Sunday morning. After the incident, the shooter walked back into the elevator and went about his business – like he hadn’t done anything at all.

Based on security footage, the shooting occurred over an argument. The conflict was centered around holding the elevator door open. Harris had let a group of women enter the elevator first, and the murder suspect appeared to be visibly upset. After this gesture of chivalry, he was shot to death by the angry suspect.

Gayelon Spencer is the suspected shooter. Police have released photos of the man so he could be publicly identified and brought into custody.

Harris was shot in front of the mother of his children and his younger brother. He was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital, where he later died. Harris’ valuables, such as his Rolex watch and gold chain, also went missing after he got to the hospital.

The victim was known as “Ace” by his friends and loved ones. He left behind a family, including 2 sons that are 9-years-old and 3-years-old. 

Cameron Harris finds it hard to leave the house after the death of his brother. The family of the victim wants his accused killer behind bars.

Harris’ mother says that the shooter took her son’s life, seemingly without remorse, and their family is forever scarred. She claimed that she is still coming to terms with the murder.

Ariel “Ace” Harris was a well-known barber in Detroit that was remembered as hardworking and devoted to his two sons. His family is begging the public for information about his killer so that he could be brought to justice.