FBI and Air Force Raid Home Of Man Operating Area-51 Website

Area 51 - Website Story

FBI and Air Force authorities reportedly raided homes in Nevada belonging to a man who posts information about Area 51, a top-secret military base that has long been rumored to host evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Earlier this month, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that authorities raided two homes belonging to Joerg Arnu, the owner of the Area-51 themed website Dreamland Resort.com.

“The Las Vegas FBI and Air Force OSI are conducting an ongoing law enforcement investigation,” Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry, Nellis Air Force Base spokesman, told the outlet.

Founded in 1999, Arnu founded Dreamland Resort and it features rumored top secret UFO projects, drone footage, satellite images of Area 51, discussion forums, and articles. A number of pictures of “super secret” military aircraft are also available on the site.

According to Arnu, the raids appear to be an attempt to “silence the Area 51 research community” rather than investigating specific crimes.

The Las Vegas home where Arnu and his girlfriend was present was raided “without warning” by 15-20 agents wearing riot gear, and they were detained and “treated in a disrespectful way.”

Arnu said that his girlfriend was led barefoot and only in her underwear out into the street in full view of the neighbors. He was handcuffed and only wearing a T-shirt and sweats in freezing temperatures.

According to Arnu, agents told him the investigation was about images he posted on his Area 51 website.

During the raid, agents confiscated Arnu’s smartphones, laptops, hard drives, cameras, and drones, all of which contained his financial and medical records. He estimates the damage to his home and value of the seized equipment at about $25,000.

“At this point, I have no choice but to take legal action to try and retrieve my equipment and receive compensation for the damage,” he said.

To defuse the situation, Arnu removed some material from his site, but insisted that all of his posts were “legally obtained and legal to publish.”

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