FBI Director Faces Questions About Flynn

FBI Director Faces Questions About Flynn

(AbsoluteNews.com) – In late April, Americans learned former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was targeted by the FBI. The revelation shocked many, but not Republicans who’ve been saying President Donald Trump’s administration was under attack from biased federal law enforcement officials. Now, those GOP lawmakers want answers from Director Christopher Wray.

The DOJ recently unsealed notes allegedly (they weren’t signed) written by former FBI official Bill Priestap of a meeting involving himself, Andrew McCabe, and then-Director James Comey. According to documented recollection, the men discussed whether or not their goal was to catch Flynn lying when they interviewed him, not to get actual information. President Trump was furious when he found out about the feds’ actions.

Reps Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) now want to know why current FBI Director Wray didn’t reveal the alleged plot against Flynn earlier. The lawmakers sent a letter demanding the director “show the leadership necessary” to move his law enforcement agency past former President Barack Obama’s administration’s “abuses.” Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s counselor, is demanding Wray speak to Comey and get the answers the American people deserve.

There’s some evidence the FBI knew Flynn did nothing wrong, but still went after him. They ruined the career and life of a decorated, retired three-star general in a partisan witch hunt. Someone’s going to have to answer for that.

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