FBI Investigating “Cult” Connection to Massive Colorado Fire

FBI Investigating

(AbsoluteNews.com) – On December 30, 2021, a Colorado wildfire traveled through the areas between Boulder and Denver, destroying nearly 1,000 homes, about 6,200 acres of land, and displacing upwards of 35,000 people. The investigation surrounding the source of the fire led authorities to a property occupied by a fringe self-governing Christian “cult” known as the Twelve Tribes. Previous assumptions put the blame for the blaze on downed power lines, but further inquiries show the source of the intense fire may have origins on the Christian compound.

An active search is still underway for two people missing since the fire swept through residential areas.

In addition to the Twelve Oaks property, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle told reporters the area around the compound is also under investigation. He added finding the source of the Marshall fire will take some time. However, he declined to provide many details because it’s an open investigation. Several witnesses came forward to say they saw smoke on Twelve Tribes’ property.

The fire itself prompted Governor Jared Polis (D-CO) to declare a state of emergency to access disaster money earmarked for such an incident.

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