FBI Warns of Threat Against Military

FBI Warns of Threat Against Military

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Rioters have taken to the American streets over the last several days, destroying and looting businesses in the process. States are mobilizing the National Guard to stop the destruction. Unfortunately, the FBI thinks they’re in danger.

On May 31, the adjutant general of the Minnesota National Guard, Army Maj. Gen. Jon Jensen, told reporters the FBI is warning of a “credible threat” against guardsmen.

Jensen did not identify the group that threatened the service members or reveal exactly what they said they’d do. However, he made it very clear the soldiers “…are currently carrying ammunition in their magazine pouches.” In other words, the military is prepared to defend itself if rioters try to assault guardsmen.

Now the question is: what group would be disgusting enough to issue such a threat? Antifa? Anarchist groups? Whoever they are, taking over the protests then using them to foment violence is abhorrent and it won’t end well for them if they try something.

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