Fed Judge Warns Against Hiring Yale Law Protestors

Fed Judge Warns Against Hiring Yale Law Protestors

(AbsoluteNews.com) – It goes without saying anyone who is studying the law should have a healthy respect for the Constitution. After all, their entire careers are going to center around the document. That’s why it’s so disturbing to see law students fall victim to the Left’s woke rhetoric. It causes some of them to behave in a way that runs counter to how they should believe.

That’s what happened recently at Yale. Now, a federal judge is pushing for severe consequences for students who waged a war against the Constitution in a very public way.

Free Speech Protest

On March 10, the Yale Federalist Society hosted a bipartisan panel on free speech. The panel featured Attorney Kristen Waggoner, general counsel for the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom, and Attorney Monica Miller, the progressive legal director for the American Humanist Association. The two women had taken the same side in a 2021 Supreme Court case about First Amendment rights and the Federalist Society wanted to show students that two people on the opposite side of the aisle could come together to support free speech. More than 100 Yale Law School students decided they couldn’t allow that to happen.

The students silenced the panelists. They reportedly tried to intimidate those in attendance and it got so rowdy, the police had to escort the panelists from the building. In the days after, Waggoner told “Fox & Friends” what occurred wasn’t a protest, it was “physical intimidation and bullying.” She said Yale administrators were in attendance and accused them of “cowering to mobs.” The conservative attorney said the incident should have never happened at a law school.

Judge’s Warning

On March 17, US District Court of Appeals for DC Judge Laurence Silberman sent an email to all of the federal judges in America urging them to take what happened at Yale seriously. He said his colleagues should seriously consider whether the students involved in the ruckus should “be disqualified from potential clerkships.” The Ronald Reagan nominee pointed out that it was a freedom of speech issue and “all federal judges” are committed to protecting the First Amendment.

Several of Silberman’s colleagues reportedly responded to him. District Judge Eric Komitee, a former President Donald Trump appointee for the Eastern District of NY, said he’s not sure if he agrees, but believes it’s a “topic of tremendous societal importance.”

Do you believe law students who don’t support the First Amendment should be barred from clerkships?

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