Female guard was in deep with killer inmate she helped to escape

Female guard was in ‘special relationship’ with 6ft 9in ‘monster’ she helped escape Alabama prison – Daily Mail

Vicky White, 56, held the door for Casey White, 38, who was still wearing handcuffs, as they escaped from Lauderdale County jail on Friday. The pair are armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun and may have used a copper 2007 Ford Edge.

Vicky White told a booking officer she would carry Casey to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation, but instead, they went straight to a shopping center, where Vicky’s car was spotted an hour and a half later.

Vicky’s mother-in-law believes that The criminal may have brainwashed Vicky and that she helped him escape from prison. Frances’ son Tommy thought Vicky was a good person and didn’t believe that she would run off with the criminal.

  1. Female guard was in ‘special relationship’ with 6ft 9in ‘monster’ she helped escape Alabama prison  Daily Mail

    Vicky White, assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Detention Center, sold her home about a month ago and had talked about relocating to the beach. She may have been coerced.

    Vicky White came to work on her last day before retiring but hadn’t cleared all of the bureaucratic hurdles and had to have a conference with the personnel director before retiring.

    The 2015 escape from the Clinton Correction Facility in New York has drawn comparisons to the Casey White jailbreak. “Cons are notorious for doing long plays,” said Seth Ferranti.

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