Firing of Election Whistleblowers “Deeply Disturbing,” Georgia Commissioners Say

( – Bridget Thorne and Susan Voyles were both poll workers in Fulton County, Georgia. They enjoyed their jobs and by all accounts were good at them, but then they started sounding the alarm about possible election fraud. That’s when they were fired from their positions and now county commissioners are speaking out.

On December 21, Fulton County Commissioners Lee Morris, Liz Hausmann, and Bob Ellis called the Department of Registration and Elections’ decision to terminate Voyles and Thorne “deeply disturbing.” The officials said the move is “highly suspect and creates a distinct impression of retaliatory treatment.”

The commissioners called the Board of Elections to investigate the terminations and take action against Director Richard Barron and his staff if they’re found to have done something wrong. Georgia’s election results are highly contested and this doesn’t exactly lend confidence to the process.

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