Firm Moves Forward With Plan to Resurrect Extinct Animal

Firm Moves Forward With Plan to Resurrect Extinct Animal

( – When the very first Jurassic Park film hit theaters, it seemed unimaginable even to consider the possibility scientists could bring dinosaurs back to life. Now, almost 30 years later, a firm wants to try to do just that.

On Monday, September 13, scientists announced they’re going to try to reestablish woolly mammoths back in their native Arctic tundra environment. The researchers are working with Colossal, a genetics and bioscience company, to create an elephant-mammoth hybrid. They’re reportedly going to use skin cells from Asian elephants along with gene editing to reprogram them into stem cells that will carry mammoth DNA. It would work similarly to how botanists splice two plants together to create a mixed breed. They’ll make embryos to implant in a surrogate elephant to carry to term, or alternatively, the company might use an artificial womb.

The company raised $15 million to get started.

Harvard Professor George Church created the new gene-editing techniques. He told the Guardian that the team’s goal isn’t to trick anyone. Instead, it wants to create an elephant that is resistant to cold weather and behaves like a mammoth.

Some might wonder if this is one of those situations where just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. After all, Jurassic Park warned us against this almost three decades ago.

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