Flynn Judge Responds to Complaint

Flynn Judge Responds to Complaint

( – While America’s attention was on the riots that place across the country, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s case is still working its way through the criminal justice system. If you recall, the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped the case against the retired general. Then, an activist judge got in the way and now he’s responding to complaints that he doesn’t have the power to do that.

The lawyers for DC District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan filed a brief with the US District of Columbia Appeals Court on June 1. It defended his decision to not dismiss the Flynn case right away. According to his response, Attorney Beth Wilkinson said the court shouldn’t “short-circuit” Sullivan’s right to review the case. She also argued the judge has a “reason to question” the DOJ’s motives due to “…unusual developments.”

The DOJ wasn’t having that and filed a response. The department pointed to the shady FBI behavior and said the court should issue an order “…compelling dismissal.” The country’s top attorneys also argued the constitutional power to prosecute belongs solely to the executive branch.

Michael Flynn has been put through the wringer. It’s time for these shenanigans to end. Hopefully, the court does the right thing and will let the retired general move on with his life.

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