Food Shortages to Prepare for in 2022

( – The pandemic caused a lot of upheaval across the world with supply chain issues driving shortages of most goods. One of the biggest problems facing the US is food shortages which are expected to continue into 2022.

The Miami Herald warned there could be a bacon shortage in the new year. Although there aren’t any shortages yet, there are issues pointing to skyrocketing prices.

Bloomberg investigated some of the food shortages across the country to figure out which ones could extend into the new year. The newspaper reported milk and dairy might be hard to find in 2022. Denver, Colorado has already been experiencing a milk shortage in grocery stores and schools.

Canned goods are also selling out across the country. Shelves in grocery stores are bare in some spots, highlighting the issues with the supply chain.

Labor shortages and rising prices are to blame for a lot of the problems with the supply chain. Unless there’s a sudden flood of people clamoring to get hired as truck drivers and farm laborers, America can expect to continue to go without their favorite or much-needed products. Of course, things could turn around, but preparing for the worst is always good advice in situations like this.

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