Former 4-Star General Accused Of Being Agent Of Qatar

Four-Star General Allen

Retired four-star general John R. Allen facing FBI probe, resigns from influential think tank – New York Post.

General John R. Allen resigned as president of the Brookings Institution, saying he left the research institute with a “heavy heart” after being accused of lying and obstructing an FBI probe.

The FBI alleges Allen lobbied US officials to help Qatar during a diplomatic crisis while pursuing multi-million dollar business deals with the government of Qatar. Allen has denied this, and his spokesperson said he “voluntarily cooperated with the government’s investigation into this matter.”

The FBI says Allen gave a “false version of events” about his work for Qatar during a 2020 interview with law enforcement officials and failed to produce relevant email messages in response to an earlier grand jury subpoena.

“Gen. Allen has done nothing improper or unlawful, has never acted as an agent of Qatar or any foreign government or principal, and has never obstructed justice,” spokesperson Beau Phillips told Fox News Digital. “Through decades of public service in combat and diplomacy, General Allen has earned an unmatched, sterling reputation for honor and integrity.”

The Brookings Institution, an influential think tank, stopped taking funding from Qatar and closed its Doha Center in 2019. It thanked Allen for his service and sacrifice and said senior economic fellow Ted Gayer would be acting president.

Allen’s resignation letter notes his service to the US. It doesn’t directly address the allegations but notes his pride in having served his country.

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