Former Detective Who Preyed On Woman Has Finally Been Arrested

Former KCK detective accused of exploiting women arrested Thursday by the FBI – KMBC Kansas City

Federal authorities in Kansas arrested a retired homicide detective from the Kansas City police department on charges that he kidnapped and sexually assaulted two women decades ago. The two women are referred to by their initials only and the indictment offers few details about the circumstances surrounding the alleged crimes.

Golubski, 69, was arrested at his suburban Kansas City home, and the police department has cooperated fully with the FBI.

News of Golubski’s arrest erupted on local social media on Thursday, with social justice activists and politicians welcoming the indictment.

Local activists, attorneys and community groups begged and pleaded for somebody to look into allegations that Golubski was terrorizing Black residents of Wyandotte County. If Golubski is guilty of these charges, it will require a far-reaching review of every criminal conviction in which his police work played a role.

A man exonerated of a double murder has accused Golubski of being a dirty cop who exploited vulnerable women, including those who worked as prostitutes.

After receiving news of Golubski’s arrest, Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief Karl Oakman issued this statement: “This indictment is an example that no individual is above the law.”

KCK Mayor Tyrone Garner released a statement saying he would support any independent outside investigations into allegations of criminal misconduct by anyone within the Unified Government.

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