Former ICE Head Applauds Trump

( – President Donald Trump is doing his best to quell the violence in cities across the country, despite blowback from Liberals. This week, he announced he was sending even more federal law enforcement into Albuquerque, Chicago, and Kansas City to support local police. The former head of ICE is applauding the commander-in-chief’s decision.

In an op-ed published on July 23, former ICE Commissioner Tom Homan said Trump is once again proving to the American people he’s the “law-and-order president” by sending federal agents into violent cities. He went on to explain he’s worked for six presidents while in law enforcement and never has a commander-in-chief done so much to support the police and lock up criminals.

President Trump has made protecting the American people a priority. He fully supports law enforcement agencies that are struggling to take control of cities falling to radical Left agitators. The president is making the country safer each and every day.

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