Former McDonald’s CEO Coughs Up Millions

Former McDonald's CEO Coughs Up Millions

( – In 2019, former McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook lost his job for having inappropriate relationships with his employees. Regardless, he walked away with a generous severance package making him financially set for life.

However, the story isn’t over yet. McDonald’s filed a suit to hold the former CEO “accountable for his clear misconduct.” On December 16, the fast-food corporation settled a lawsuit against Easterbrook, forcing him to return the $105 million in cash and stocks.

Apparently, a tipster familiar with the defendant told the restaurant about Easterbrook’s previously unknown sexual relationships with multiple employees. So, they opened a new investigation and discovered the disgraced businessman not only “exploited his position” but also lied about it and tried to stop the investigation to prevent exposure.

Among the evidence investigators collected were dozens of explicit photos featuring various women at work. He would then email those photos from his work to his private account. Although Easterbrook apologized for his actions, it wasn’t enough to warrant him keeping the enormous McDonald’s payout. Given the fast-food restaurant has a long-standing reputation as a kid-friendly establishment, what kind of message would it send?

Hopefully, the outcome will deter anyone else at McDonald’s from following in Easterbrook’s footsteps.

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