Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized

Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized

( – Former President Bill Clinton suffered a health scare recently. A common infection turned into a serious problem and landed him in the hospital for days.

On Tuesday, October 12, news broke that doctors at the University of California Irvine Medical Center in Orange County had admitted Clinton. The former commander-in-chief reportedly had a urinary tract infection (UTI) that spread to his bloodstream, causing sepsis. Physicians gave him intravenous antibiotics to clear up the infection.

On Sunday, doctors released Clinton from the hospital. He boarded a plane a short time later and returned to New York where he’ll finish taking antibiotics.

According to Urology Health, more than 8 million doctors visits are the result of UTIs every year. Sometimes, particularly in elderly patients, the infection spreads to the blood causing sepsis which can lead to death. Almost 270,000 Americans die from sepsis (not necessarily started by a UTI) every year.

The hospitalization wasn’t Clinton’s first health scare. In 2004, he underwent a 4-hour quadruple bypass surgery after doctors discovered some of his arteries were over 90% blocked. In 2010, he had two stents placed in a coronary artery. Now he’s on the mend again after his latest issue.

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