Forth Worth Parents Speak Out After Committee Member Doxxes Them

Forth Worth Parents Speak Out After Committee Member Doxxes Them

( – If parents see something they disagree with at their child’s school, it’s their responsibility to speak out and take action. That’s exactly what a group of parents did in Fort Worth, Texas, when the local school tried to enforce a mask mandate on their kids. In response, a co-chairman for the school board’s Racial Equity Committee, Norma Garcia-Lopez, allegedly doxxed the parents online and called for the internet to “do its thing.”

One of the parents who sued the school for the mandate, Kerri Rehmeyer, said she received 17 voicemails at her job once the school official reportedly released her information. She said Garcia-Lopez had a vendetta against her for opposing critical race theory (CRT) teachings at the school. The co-chairman said the parents used white privilege to get their way. Rehmeyer considered suing her for posting the personal contact information online but decided against it for fear of worsening the situation.

A former colleague and Republican activist, Carlos Turcios, admitted Garcia-Lopez has a history of behavior consistent “with a bully.” He said it’s not out of character for her to judge others based on race, calling Hispanics who disagree with her “sellouts.”

Unfortunately, doxxing is not a new tactic for some people to get their way and silence different opinions. In America, however, individual views and speaking personal truths are a protected constitutional right.

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