Fox Host Attacks Biden Admin for Pushing “Do As You’re Told” Message

Fox Host Attacks Biden Admin for Pushing

( – On January 11, the Justice Department announced it was creating a new task force targeting alleged domestic terrorists. NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci also made the news on Tuesday, but for all the wrong reasons. Fox News host Laura Ingraham laid into Democrats on her show later that evening.

“Do as you’re told,” was the Democratic Party’s message across the country, according to Ingraham. She discussed the DOJ’s order, saying only the Left is allowed to question elections, because when the GOP does it, they’re looked at as terrorists.

The Fox News host also lit into the country’s top infectious disease expert.

During a Senate hearing, a hot mic moment caught Fauci calling Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) a “moron.” He also accused Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) of trying to get him killed by having the audacity to question his politicization of the health agency for which he works. Ingraham said she believes the director should “repay taxpayers every last dime” of his salary during the last two years because he has allegedly misrepresented “vaccines, masks, school closures” and other issues.

Then, Ingraham attacked President Joe Biden for wanting to end the filibuster to push through a voting rights bill. She explained instead of fixing their failed policies, Democrats want states to just do what they’re told and be quiet – just like with every other issue these days.

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