Fox News Moves to Dismiss Smartmatic Lawsuit

Fox News Moves to Dismiss Smartmatic Lawsuit

( – In the wake of the 2020 election, many people questioned whether the machines people used to vote, changed people’s choices from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. The former president’s attorneys argued that it might have happened, and media organizations reported on it. On February 4, Smartmatic, a company connected to some of the electronic voting, announced it had filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News. But the media company is fighting back.

On February 8, Fox News filed a motion to have the $2.7-billion lawsuit dismissed. The media company argued that it can’t be held liable by accusations made by guests of its shows. They argue that it “strikes at the heart of the news media’s First Amendment mission.”

The Constitution protects the media’s right to report the news fairly. Fox News’ anchors did exactly that by letting its viewers and readers know what was being said by the former president’s legal counsel. The public had every right to know there was concern over whether the election was safe. If the court allows the case to move forward, it could set a terrible precedent and possibly erode our democracy.

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