Fox News Star Dead at 73

Fox News Star Dead at 73

( – Old school liberals were built differently than the ones who are coming up today, at least that’s what Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity believed was the case with Bob Beckel. The Democratic strategist spent years arguing with his conservative friends, but also laughed with them afterward – a rarity in today’s political climate. Sadly, on February 21, the country lost a legend.

Beckel passed away on Monday at the age of 73. The longtime Dem was the youngest deputy assistant secretary of state when he was just 28 years old. He helped get the Panama Canal Treaties through Congress and later worked in the White House for former President Jimmy Carter. In 1984, he served as Democrat Walter Mondale’s campaign manager. He went on to run a political consulting firm for many years.

Political pundit Cal Thomas, Beckel’s partner for the USA Today column “Common Ground,” confirmed his death in an emotional Facebook post, saying he had hoped the two showed the country what it could be like when “two people of different political persuasions” have love for one another.

Beckel had a long career in media after he left politics. He appeared on CBS, CNN, ITN and in USA Today, but he was most well-known for his time at Fox News. He was hired by the network in 2000 to provide commentary, and from 2011 to 2015 and for a short time in 2017, he co-hosted “The Five” on Fox News. His former colleagues remembered him on Tuesday, calling him a “political legend” and a “wonderful friend” to many at the conservative network.

Hannity broke the news to his viewers on Monday night, saying the two were longtime friends and Beckel even had a key to his home. He went on to say the late political pundit was “always full of joy.”

Beckel is survived by his two children, Alec and McKenzie.

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