Freedom Convoys Face Censorship, Fundraising Issues

( – At the end of January, thousands of truckers descended on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. The truck drivers, dubbed the Freedom Convoy, were protesting COVID-19 restrictions and mandates. As the movement spreads, so does the censorship.

On February 2, Facebook removed a group called “Convoy to D.C. 2022.” The group was a place for truck drivers to organize a convoy from California to the nation’s capital to protest mandates across the country. Jeremy Johnson, the person who created the group, told Fox News the social media platform removed his personal account as well. He said, “[Facebook] like[s] to silence people that speak the truth.”

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, claimed it removed the group for violating its policies about QANON, a group that questions the government’s narratives.

Meanwhile, GoFundMe removed a fundraiser that raised more than $10 million to support the protests in Canada. Donors have reportedly started receiving refunds in the wake of the fundraising platform’s decision to investigate the fundraiser.

It’s very clear leaders are feeling threatened by the movement. But, instead of listening to their citizens, their allies in Big Tech are silencing them. In other words, it’s business as usual.

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