Man Saves Friend From Crocodile Who Was Trying To Eat Him

Following a crocodile’s attack on a boat on Monday in Australia, a quick-thinking man fought the predator with a knife.

A tour operator for Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures told Australian news outlet 7News the men were crabbing aboard a fishing vessel near Horizontal Falls in the Kimberley region of Western Australia when the crocodile attacked them.

According to officials, the reptile bit the head of one man before a second man intervened.

The outlet reported that a man whose son was involved in the incident said the croc lunged and grabbed one of them by the head while the other “grabbed a knife and stabbed the croc.”

As of now, neither man’s condition has been disclosed. Both men were flown to Broome Hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Immediately after the attack, wildlife officials warned the public that a saltwater crocodile was following and launching itself at small vessels near Cyclone Creek in Talbot Bay.

Boaters are advised to move away from the crocodile immediately and maintain a safe distance from it.