Gabby Petito Murder Case Investigators Report “Mistakes”

Gabby Petito Murder Case Investigators Report

( – In October 2021, the search ended for Gabby Petito when authorities found her murdered body in Wyoming. Unfortunately, a recent investigation showed police might have made a procedural mistake a couple of months prior, which may have possibly saved her life.

On August 12, 2021, Officers Eric Pratt and Daniel Robbins of the Moab City Police Department pulled over Petito and her fiancé Brain Laundrie, after a tip came in stating he was “slapping the girl” in Moab, Utah. If the policemen followed proper procedure, marking the incident as a domestic violence incident instead of an assault, Petito might be alive today.

Although each party was reportedly involved in the physical altercation, Petito admitted hitting Laundrie. That statement should have landed her in jail instead of allowing her to continue on the road that led to her eventual death.

Park Ranger Ryan Kral was on the scene at the time and witnessed Laundrie’s injuries. Evidently, the officers separated the pair, but let them both go without charges.

In response to the alleged police failure, local officials committed to providing updated training recommendations for authorities to follow going forward regarding domestic incidents. Perhaps procedural changes to reporting rules will save a life in the future.

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