Gaiman Denies Sexual Assault Allegations: Shocking Details Revealed!

New York, NY – Author Neil Gaiman recently faced allegations of sexual assault from two women with whom he had relationships, as reported by Tortoise Media. The claims were detailed in a four-part podcast titled “Master: the Allegations Against Neil Gaiman,” where the women described incidents of rough and degrading sexual encounters that they alleged were non-consensual.

One of the women, identified as Scarlett, accused Gaiman of assaulting her in 2022 when she worked as a nanny for his child. She claimed the assault occurred just hours after they first met in New Zealand. According to Gaiman, their interaction in the bath was consensual, involving only cuddling and making out. He refuted the allegations of rough and degrading acts, stating that their sexual relationship was limited to digital penetration.

In another account, a woman known as K alleged that she had a romantic relationship with Gaiman when she was 20 and he was in his mid-forties. She claimed to have experienced rough and painful encounters with him, including incidents of non-consensual penetration. Gaiman denied K’s allegations and expressed his unease at the accusations made against him.

Despite the serious nature of the allegations, Gaiman’s representatives did not respond immediately to requests for comment from Rolling Stone. The women involved did not file police reports at the time of the incidents. Scarlett eventually filed a complaint with New Zealand authorities in October 2022.

Gaiman indicated that he offered to assist in the investigation but claimed that the police did not pursue his offer, suggesting that there was insufficient evidence to support the complaint. However, New Zealand police stated that they made efforts to speak with relevant individuals as part of their investigation, with ongoing efforts to address the case’s complexities and circumstances.