Game Boy Inventor Palmer Luckey Unveils $199 Ultimate Cartridge-Playing Nintendo ModRetro Chromatic

Austin, Texas – Palmer Luckey, renowned for revolutionizing VR headsets with Oculus and co-founding defense contractor Anduril, has now unveiled his latest creation – a revamped Nintendo Game Boy.

Luckey’s new handheld device, known as the ModRetro Chromatic, is set to be released this holiday season. Priced at $199, the Chromatic boasts premium features such as a magnesium alloy case, sapphire crystal cover glass, PBT buttons, and a pixel-perfect IPS screen identical in size and resolution to the original Game Boy Color. Notably, the screen offers over a thousand nits of brightness for optimal outdoor visibility.

Unlike traditional retro gaming devices, the Chromatic incorporates an FPGA to play original Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges authentically. Additionally, Luckey’s team has developed a fully licensed version of Tetris, complete with reimagined iconic theme songs and genuine Link Cable multiplayer support.

The handheld device also includes a Link Cable port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and USB-C for lagless video output. It runs on three AA batteries, lasting up to 24 hours, with the option to use a lithium-ion pack for extended gameplay. The Chromatic’s mono speaker system is complemented by custom ultra-loud speaker modules, and ModRetro has collaborated with Koss to offer color-matched retro Porta Pro headphones.

Luckey emphasizes that the Chromatic design is entirely in-house, featuring a custom screen based on aviation displays. While not manufacturing their own chips, the team prioritized quality over conventional business decisions in the development process.

In contrast to competitors like the Analogue Pocket, Luckey asserts that the Chromatic offers an authentic gaming experience, ensuring correct color temperatures and pixel structures for enhanced gameplay. This dedication to accuracy is evident in the custom display, which outshines competing models.

Along with the handheld console, ModRetro will offer original “Chromatic” cartridges containing new games. Luckey promises an array of re-releases, remasters of classic Game Boy titles, all-new IPs from indie developers, and even canceled game launches never before seen by the public.

The Chromatic exclusively uses cartridges without support for ROMs, separating it from other devices on the market. Quantities are limited, with GameStop set to stock a select number of units, emphasizing Luckey’s commitment to delivering a premium gaming experience rather than focusing on profit.

For Luckey, the Chromatic represents a passion project and tribute to the iconic Game Boy, showcasing his dedication to creating the best possible gaming device that will stand the test of time. With its unique features and homage to classic gaming, the Chromatic is sure to attract nostalgic gamers and enthusiasts alike.