George Conway Throws Weight Behind Amy Barrett for Supreme Court

George Conway Throws Weight Behind Amy Barrett For Supreme Court

( – George Conway has been one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics throughout his tenure. In fact, he’s been so nasty many people wondered how his marriage with Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager and adviser, lasted while she worked at the White House. But none of that matters now because the POTUS did something the Republican is celebrating.

On September 26, a follower of Conway asked if he thought some in the GOP might vote against Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. The Republican lawyer said, “No,” and then praised the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

Kellyanne agreed with her husband’s assessment of the president’s nominee. Both of the Conways have been fixtures in Republican politics for years and their opinions hold some weight. She left the Trump administration recently saying she wanted more time to focus on her family. George is one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, a rabidly anti-Trump group. Apparently, none of that matters now that the president has done something the male Conway likes. Funny how that works.

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