George Floyd Case Minimizes Holocaust Victims

George Floyd Case Minimizes Holocaust Victim

( – George Floyd’s death during an altercation with Minneapolis police officers in May kicked off massive protests and riots across the country. The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center in Florida is now facing criticism after jumping into the fray.

The Holocaust museum was established to educate the public about the horrors of WWII. The Nazis murdered more than 6 million Jewish people at the request of Adolf Hitler, a dictator who wanted to build a master race. Unfortunately, the museum strayed from its mission and hosted a collection of 45 images of the Floyd protests.

People were outraged over the decision and said it politicized the Holocaust museum. Some even believed it sought to compare police officers to Nazis.

Ruthie Blum-Leibowitz, an American-Israeli journalist, said Floyd’s death was “utterly irrelevant to the Holocaust.” When the Jewish museum decided to highlight his case, they violated “all standards of ethics.”

The museum responded to the criticism by defending itself and leaving the exhibit up.

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