Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Transcripts Released

( – In 2016, Ghislaine Maxwell sat down for depositions in cases against deceased sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. The convicted sex offender and Maxwell were allegedly partners in a wide-reaching trafficking scheme.

Maxwell, who is currently in jail awaiting trial in connection to Epstein’s crimes, has been trying to keep the depositions sealed. On Tuesday, October 20, US District Judge Loretta A. Preska shattered the suspected criminal’s hopes and ordered the transcripts to be released to the public. On Thursday, the American people were finally able to see what she’d been trying to hide.

The Transcripts

The transcripts are more than 400 pages long and contain all kinds of interesting tidbits. For instance, Maxwell claims the allegations made by alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre are lies. She called her ex-boyfriend’s accuser an “absolute total liar.”

Maxwell also said she saw Epstein getting massages from teenagers under the age of 18. Victims have accused her of hiring them to give the convicted sex offender massages while they were underage. She went on to claim she did hire “adult professional massage therapists” for Epstein.

The British socialite repeatedly refused to answer questions about Epstein’s alleged crimes. She claimed she never had “non-consensual sex” with anyone. Victims have said she participated in the alleged abuse they endured. When asked about Prince Andrew, Maxwell denied ever introducing him to underage girls.

Maxwell to Face Justice

Maxwell is facing multiple charges, including those related to allegations that she enticed minors to have sex with Epstein. She’s accused of flying children to the billionaire’s “Pedophile Island” where he allegedly sexually assaulted them.

The socialite has denied all charges related to the case. She was denied bond and is considered an extreme flight risk. Maxwell is set to stand trial in summer 2021. Epstein reportedly committed suicide in his jail cell in August 2019.

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