Ghislaine Maxwell Wants to Make New Bail Request in Closed-Door Meeting

( – Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged partner Ghislaine Maxwell is incarcerated and awaiting trial on charges related to her dead former lover’s sex trafficking ring. Now, she’s asking for a new bail hearing, but she doesn’t want the public to see what’s happening.

According to a December 3 report by the New York Post, Maxwell is requesting a closed-door, secret hearing so that she can make bail. She’s currently in jail without bond because she’s considered an extreme flight risk. Maxwell reportedly wants to keep the names of her bail co-signers private.

Federal prosecutors objected to Maxwell’s request to keep the hearing a secret. They told federal judge Alison Nathan that they believe the victims and the public deserve an opportunity “to observe” what’s happening.

Nathan previously ruled the British socialite has shown an “extraordinary capacity to evade detection.” There’s no word on when a hearing might take place.

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